Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Milena Velba Miosotis Free

one that goes to France ... in the UES!

I told you Monday that tests had South Walk, a restaurant on the Upper East Side who has just opened last fall. Finally, I say restaurant, but is much more than that! He also serves bakery, wine bar, cheese, charcuterie and groceries. Just that! From
Moreover, the atmosphere is decidedly French-French to the difference of many restaurants that say "french" in NYC but have the name of french (not always spells elsewhere, like "The table of was "too complicated the female / male).
Once seated at our table, the first surprise menus:

These are plasticized magazines around so the menu. Here are found mainly Paris Match and also Premiere, Marie-Claire ... And as you can see, these magazines are not young (Yes, that Yannick Noah's on it with his first wife, Cecilia Rhodes), which we did discuss these blankets for a good quarter of an hour before opening them really. Second nice surprise, you can order french aperitifs, like Ricard of Lillet, ... and even a tomato (Ricard and grenadine) or a parrot (mint syrup and Ricard). Yes, yes, it's not bad!
But let's get serious:

Several kinds of pies outbreaks, their specialties but also soups (I'll have to test revert Soup with Pesto, I love it), salads and sandwiches, .... We tested 3 different pies outbreaks (or "French pizza" as They describe the americans), the authentic you can see above, one in the spinach which I unfortunately forgot the name and a Nicoise (the Desousa).
One of my friends also test the sandwich "Hunter" the dough, he enjoyed all the good dough is a rare commodity and / or very expensive in NYC. I for my part made the Nicoise (without anchovies) and it was a pure delight! In addition, you can see from the pictures that the portions are not small, so I could even bring back home ... and it was still good. We also have a pie banana nutella outbreak, which has passed all the rest! The other thing that I really appreciated is that despite the world that parade, I am not inspired to go, what happens very often in NYC. Most restaurants believes that the rapid is a service rendered to the client (and also, since they may place other clients, finally j'dis AC j'dis nothing) and for most U.S. customers it's true. But for Europeans, standing around, drinking his coffee and taking his time on a Sunday after-noon, that is what is pleasant and enjoyable! And I expect that the terrace at the rear of the restaurant opens and the weather is clement (expected tomorrow our 6th snowfall in a month) to enjoy a little more ...
But let us come to the party even more brilliant (in my opinion) of Marche, South groceries!

There are very difficult to find products french in NYC! Haribo candies (unfortunately no strawberries tagada):

cakes La Mere Poulard, of Malabar, herbal tea, bouillon cube Knorr
of chipsters, cakes Lu of the 'Ebly, the Knorr sauce, chicken broth, mayonnaise Amora,
of mikados, straws of gold, and Teisseire syrups, and many other commodities ....
Knowing that I'm back with two bottles of grenadine Teisseire in my suitcase and Noel I received a package full of straw Gold last year, imagine how much these things I missed! Well now I know where to find them in NYC. I actually fall for Alsa baking powder (I do not do too has the Baking powder) and for carambars! You can not imagine how it's too good to eat a caramel! ^ ^ ^ ^ * Sigh *
Walk South is the perfect address to refuel french products found in NYC! And if a small crescent passes by, you know what to do ...


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